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The Irem Shrine was the 71st shrine temple chartered by the Imperial Council during the Imperial Session of 1895. Irem began with 54 charter members and in 1995 had an impressive 8,600 nobles.

Why the name "Irem"? According to legends, Irem was the most beautiful of all earthly paradises which was constructed for King Sheddad, but as soon as it was completed it was struck by the lightning wand of the death angel and was never visible to the eye of man.
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The History of a Brotherhood

  • 1st potentate was J. Ridgway Wright
  • December, 19, 1895 - The 1st ceremonial was held
  • October 18, 1905 - The 10th anniversary ceremonial, Irem becomes the 11th largest temple
  • September 21, 1907 - Potentate Frank Deitrick breaks ground for the Irem Mosque in Wilkes-Barre. The mosque was constructed at a price tag of $230,000.
  • In 1920, Irem sees its largest single membership year in its history with 1,058 new members
  • Also in 1920, the first thought of purchasing a country club was conceived by Noble Leo W. Long. The Derr estate in Dallas Township was up for sale at the time and Irem purchased it as well as an adjoining farm for $53,300
  • 1922 - Work continued on the country club and a golf course was constructed
  • 1923 - The first event was held at the club in August
  • March 1924 - The Irem Pavilion was built
  • May 23, 1925 - The first event was held at the new pavilion
  • In 1926, Irem sponsored three children for treatment at the Shiner's Hospital in Philadelphia for the first time
  • In July 1927, Irem made its first donation of $1,600 to the hospital in Philadelphia
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